Snapchat adds CallKit to its iOS app

Andy Boxall

In . October 30, 2018

Snapchat has updated its iOS app to include CallKit integration, which makes placing and receiving calls through the social network a more fluid, and standardized experience. Snapchat joins apps from Facebook, Microsoft, and Google by using CallKit in a communication app.

Calls from a Snapchat contact will appear on an iPhone the same way a regular network call would, and records are stored in the Recents list, making them easier to keep track of. Previously, Snapchat sent a push notification to alert users of an incoming call.

The use of CallKit also lets Snapchat integrate with CarPlay, Apple’s in-car entertainment platform. Calls are also display on the screen in the car, with an appearance similar to a FaceTime call.

To use Snapchat’s CallKit features, apps should be updated to version 10.44, which is available from the App Store now.