Snapchat adds Ads Manager Campaign Optimisation certificate

Anne Freer | November 8, 2021

App Business

Snapchat has just added Ads Manager Campaign Optimisation to make it easier for marketers to use the popular app to run campaigns like Pros.

The new certification runs alongside the platform’s Snap Focus certification program, which offers practical guidance by experts.

The Ads Manager Campaign Optimisation is a five-part course to help media buyers and strategists to optimise their Snapchat campaign results and measure performance according to learning objectives.

These include visualisation of campaign data by building custom reports that meet brand performance needs, troubleshooting of campaign performance, optimising performance in-flight by adjusting delivery settings to boost campaign efficiency, applying learnings to future campaigns and getting ad support.

Marketers who take part receive a certification badge if they score above 80% on the course.

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