Snap to launch ads in Minis

Anne Freer | September 16, 2020

App Business

Snap could soon be rolling out adverts in its Minis – the small apps that can be embedded and used directly from within Snapchat without having to launch another app.

Based on HTML 5, Minis can be accessed via the chat section of Snapchat.

Since their launch in June, six such mini apps are now live including a slimmed down version of meditation app Headspace.

For developers, Minis are a great way to showcase their apps to a highly active audience.

Ben Schwerin, VP of Partnerships at Snap Inc., said that the company was experimenting with Snap Ads inside Minis similar to Games. He admitted that it was early days.

Alternative ways to monetise the feature could be subscriptions and booking tools like Chinese messaging app WeChat.

But the company said it was carefully curating its selection of Minis, in part because it preferred a quality over quantity approach.

“What we don’t want to do is launch lots of Minis from every partner interested in doing it before we learn what makes partners successful and what will resonate with our community,” Schwerin said.

And the concept seems to be working. Atom’s Mini Movie Tickets noted that the app had 15x more shared content weekly on Snapchat. And the Tembo app saw a tremendous amount of interaction with its Mini, according to its founder.

For advertisers, Minis could pay off because they provide a more communal experience – people create and share content together.

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