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Posted: March 2, 2022

When Apple first announced its ATT framework, everyone in the adtech industry started searching for ways to adapt to the new reality. Two years on and the changes haven’t been nearly as dramatic as expected for app marketers, but change is being felt all the same. It is essential for app publishers to find new ways to market their products and keep their audiences active. Cross-promotion has become an essential tool for apps looking to develop their content fortress, but how does it work and what is the best way to implement it?

In the past, classic cross-promotion campaigns have been undervalued because they lacked targeting accuracy, and were only displayed on unsold ad placements. Now, cross-promotion is becoming more important in light of Apple’s changes to their consent mechanisms. Publishers have to find a way to work with and around the limitations of cross-promotion to compete in 2022.

At Adikteev, we have been working on how to solve the problems of which users to target with cross-promo ads and which apps to promote to those users. We have launched the very first predictive based Cross-Promotion SaaS Platform to maximize user LTV at a portfolio level by:

  • Detecting future churners to avoid value destruction
  • Matching users with the app they are most likely to download
  • Activating those users with dedicated cross-promo units

In our extensive research, we have found that the key to making cross-promotion easier and more cost-effective is to make it smarter. We have been on the hunt for the perfect product to help publishers maximize user LTV, and we have found it.

Our predictive churn model can identify the likelihood that a user will churn with 90% accuracy on average, and the app affinity engine recommends a new app for about-to-churn users based on the available user information. On top of that, publishers can activate cross-promotion campaigns seamlessly and benefit from dedicated units.

Screenshot of Adikteev’s Cross-Promotion Platform

Source: Adikteev

The key to a successful retention strategy in 2022 is going to be publishers’ ability to maximize user LTV at the portfolio level. Retargeting will continue to be effective at the user level for those users who opt-in to share their data. However, for users who do not share their data, building a closed circuit of users who move from app to app in the portfolio and gain value as they do so is essential to maintaining a strong revenue stream and an engaged audience.

As IDFAs become less and less available and M&As begin turning partners into competitors, app publishers must adapt to ensure their strategies will last long-term. Our goal in innovating the sphere of re-engagement is to create a more durable environment for user activation. Our cross-promotion platform will ensure that app publishers can continue engaging their audience and increasing revenue, no matter what.

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