Singular ROI Index 2021 highlights 10 new players

Anne Freer | February 23, 2021

Mobile Advertising

2020 was a big year for mobile advertisers, not just because of COVID-19 but also changes announced with iOS 14.

The latest Singular ROI Index 2021 shows that there were 10 new advertising networks that joined on mobile platforms and for other verticals.

These included:

  • Aura ironSource
  • Blind Ferret
  • BlueStacks
  • Crossinstall
  • Fluent
  • JetFuel
  • Mistplay
  • Digital Turbine
  • Fyber
  • LINE Ads

OEM publishing and on-device platforms were performing particularly well. These tend to perform on-device app discovery and can provide live updates to users to suggest new apps to try.

Digital Turbine and ironSource Aura accounted for eight spots among the ROI top charts.

Mistplay which provides social game discovery and loyalty and reward features made the Index for the first time in 2021 proving that gamified ads are successful.

BlueStacks, a gaming platform for Android apps scored high with over 400 million users and a million games.

Meanwhile, influencer marketing by players like JetFuel featured in this year’s index for providing successful direct-response influencer marketing.

Singular also took a closer look at the big players like Google and Facebook. Both players ranked across all 27 lists created by Singular.

But what emerges in 2021 is that Google doesn’t appear to be working quite as well for mobile user acquisition due to less granular visibility of its ad performance on iOS.

While Snapchat and Twitter reached the largest mobile ad players in terms of their ROI and value, for TikTok, ad types that performed best included influencer marketing, native ads, videos and branded outreach.

Unsurprisingly, Apple performed well across Indexes that were iOS-specific.

Singular bases its ROI Index on almost $10 billion in ad spend and 3 billion app install.

Check out the full index here.

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