Simple and sophisticated Lenses drive app brand metrics

Anne Freer | October 5, 2022

App Business

Simple versus sophisticated AR Lenses

Source: Snapchat

Augmented reality (AR) has continued to evolve over the last decade. From shopping to gaming, the technology has captured the attention of many mobile users and app marketers alike. And AR is far from over. In fact use of the technology is growing with over 72% or 250 million of Snapchat’s user base using at least some AR elements in the app each day.

Snapchat has made it simple for marketers to create basic AR experiences through its Lens Web Builder platform while also powering more advanced options via the Lens Studio.

And research shows that over two-thirds of AR shoppers intend to purchase products after using AR, and four out of five feel more confident in their purchase when using AR to make a decision.

But which is better for campaign success – simple or advanced AR?

Simple or sophisticated Lenses?

To find out which performed better Snap asked Kantar to survey 7,800 participants in the UK, US, France and Saudi Arabia to assess the performance of Lens creatives in Auto, Beauty, Food and Beverage, and Shoes categories.

The study found that simple Lenses are just as useful as sophisticated ones when driving brand metrics like awareness and purchase intent. However, higher tier brand metrics such as favourability and consideration intent were benefits of more sophisticated Lenses.

Simple Lenses drive awareness and purchase intent.

Source: Snapchat

Lens success shifts with category

Kantar also found that for certain categories such as Auto, both simple and sophisticated solutions drove awareness. However, purchase intent was achieved using only sophisticated Lenses.

Lens campaign success depends on ad category.

Source: Snapchat

In Beauty, for example, simple Lenses performed well for awareness and intent. Marketers can draw on many creative strategies such as application tutorial videos and single product Lenses.


The findings highlight that brands can adapt their AR advertising campaigns according to the metrics they wish to achieve. For bands to create effective AR experiences on Snapchat, they can draw on both simple and more sophisticated Lenses to drive improved outcomes.

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