Signal and Telegram app installs jump 197% in Ukraine

Anne Freer | March 28, 2022

App Business

Adoption of encrypted messaging apps Telegram and Signal spiked in Ukraine following Russia’s invasion in late February. 

Installs climbed 197% according to Sensor Tower.

Collectively the two apps saw 1.7 million installs between February and March, up 197% from 573k in January.

The apps were also picked up more heavily by Russian users with installs climbing 33% to 3.2 million. 

Overall, Telegram saw more installs in both countries.

However, in terms of growth it’s a bigger jump for Signal for which downloads surged 1,075% to 787k.

To date, the app has reached almost 2 million installs in Ukraine, 42% of which happened over the last 25 days. It has 4.5 million installs in Russia.

Telegram’s installs climbed 89% in Ukraine where it now has a total of 30.7 million installs.

Similarly, active daily users jumped for both apps, growing 184% for Signal in Ukraine and 81% in Russia. 

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