Shopify integrates with Hero for better mobile shopping experience

Anne Freer | July 21, 2020

App Business

Shopify, the online eCommerce platform, has just integrated with virtual shopping tech provider Hero for a more immersive checkout experience.

According to an announcement shared by Hero, the integration means that customers on Shopify could access virtual online stores of individual merchants and chat with sellers or view videos of products.

Among the initial launch partners are Neighborhood Goods, Ministry of Supply, Heyday, Clare V, Naturopathica and The Detox Market.

The move follows a growing number of consumers opting for online and mobile shopping channels in light of COVID-19 lockdowns.

Over one million of shoppers utilised Hero in the last six months. The likelihood for them to make a purchase was 21x higher compared to traditional online shopping channels.

Existing partner Credo Beauty found that hero accounted for over 15% of its revenues.

Following US lockdowns, the number of new stores on Shopify jumped 62%.

“Shopify and Hero share a mission of making commerce better,” said Ian Black, Shopify Director of Retail. “Conversational commerce is a game changer for omni-channel merchants looking to connect their customers with store associates virtually, and grow their business in new ways. We’re thrilled to be able to bring it to the Shopify community with Hero.”

The way it works is simple: merchants can use the virtual shopping tools provided by Hero on Shopify to help their customers feel like their inside a store by answering questions via text, chat and video call.

They can also send personalised recommendations and grow foot traffic via attributable foot traffic.

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