Sessions in streaming apps were up 31% during March

Anne Freer | April 8, 2020

App Business

Streaming apps like Disney+ saw a near 31% rise in sessions during March 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic.

According to data published by mobile app intelligence firm Apptopia in collaboration with consumer engagement platform Braze, Disney+ attracted more than 28 million subscribers in five countries in just three months after it released.

The report found that among the most successful strategies to grow engagement were push notifications used 21% more by top brands.

Leading brands also utilise in-app messages 300% more leading to more in-app purchases.

“Apptopia looks at mobile app trends that drive business and consumer behavior, and we’ve been looking for ways to extend our dataset to dive deeper and identify the reasons behind these trends,” said Adam Blacker, VP, Insights of Apptopia.

“We were enthusiastic to partner with Braze on this report to do exactly this. The findings of the report demonstrate that 2020 is going to be the year of streaming and dive into how new and existing streaming services can be successful in this new environment.”

As the online streaming landscape changes dramatically, Amazon Prime Video Cinema Hub, HBO Max, Peacock, and Quibi are all lined up to launch over the coming months which may create a more saturated market.

“With the proliferation of streaming options over the years, today’s consumers are overwhelmed with choice,” said Myles Kleeger, President and Chief Customer Officer of Braze. “The report proves that content combined with the right customer engagement strategies not only delivers relevant experiences, but also drives business growth. The best practices outlined in the report can really help any brand looking to connect with their customers in a relevant way.”

The report, based on an analysis of 35 streaming services over eight months, also found that certain types of content created more potential for long-lasting fandom. For example, Adult Swim’s cartoon “Rick and Morty” noted a daily active user jump of 504%.

Netflix was the top streaming app globally, but Disney+ was one of the most downloaded apps during Q1 2020 topping Netflix at 14.1 million (Netflix: 11.9 million).

Amazon Prime Video, YouTube and Youtueb Kids also performed strongly globally (27.1 million and 24.6 millions downloads, respectively). Meanwhile, Hulu ranked third in the US with 8.1 million downloads during the first quarter of the year.

When it comes to revenue, YouTube leads the charts at $110 million, followed by Netflix ($68 million) and Tencent Video ($63.3 million).

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