Seasonal collaboration events are in and here’s how game apps are using them

Anne Freer | November 19, 2021

App Business, App Marketing

Among the top-grossing 100 mobile games, 90% use seasonal events, according to new data by GameRefinery.

The holiday season is a busy time for app marketers, which is why 40% of the top 100 iOS games in the US were also collaborating with brands on partnership events.

In the US, popular seasonal events are based around public holidays such as Christmas, NewYear, Halloween and Thanksgiving, but region-specific events are being utilized in other parts of the world, such as Quixi Festival (double 7) in China and Sakura (Cherry Blossom season) in Japan.

The holiday period is typically a good time to re-engage existing players and acquire new ones.

According to GameRefinery, promotional collaboration events have climbed steadily since 2017 in the US. Some 42% of games in the US top 100 had implemented promotional collaboration events in October 2021 while 10% outside of the top 100 are also making use of the feature.

These events are an even bigger feature in China (51%) and Japan (62%).

Collaboration events are good options to reengage existing players and reach potential new gamers.

PUBG Mobile’s collaboration with Resident Evil 2 in February 2019 is a good example of a promotional event that borrowed themes from the games. Players were able to play Battle Royale match on a map infested by various zombies from Resident Evil.

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