Samsung creates immersive Instagram campaign to advertise Note 10

Anne Freer | January 16, 2020

Mobile Advertising

Samsung has been thinking of a more special way to promote its latest Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10+ 5G smartphones.

Working with ad agency Social Chain, the technology company has come up with a unique approach to engaging millennials and potential buyers.

This time, they’ve targeted everybody’s favourite imaging platform: Instagram.

Social Chain developed interactive and immersive Instagram Stories ads that allow viewers to go on a Bandersnatch-type adventure.

A user’s tasks is to carry a Note 10+ safely to a destination before someone else can get hold of it (i.e. snatch it from your hands).

It’s a great way to engage with Instagram users on a whole new level. Just like a game, they have to decide which roads they’ll take and can unlock features on the way to their goal.

To make it work, the campaign incorporated 20 individual Instagram accounts and 50 Stories.

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