Rumoured TikTok takeover by Oracle and Walmart would affect mobile ad decisions for 73% of marketers

Anne Freer | October 16, 2020

App Business

While a TikTok deal in the US is not certain, 73% of marketers have now said that it would affect their advertising plans for 2021 if Oracle and Walmart were to buy the short-form video platform.

TikTok has been part of takeover rumours for quite some time now, as the US government threatens to shut down the Chinese-owned firm over security and privacy fears.

Two-thirds of marketers are eyeing the potential deal closely.

According to the survey by Vancery, 94% of respondents said their ad products would be the most affected, followed by consumer behaviour as a consequence of higher TikTok usage (75%) and new product roll-outs (38%).

The move could help marketers and brands to reach younger audiences in the US.

But a whopping 86% of marketers worry that it could make Oracle a leader in advertising data, while 41% said the deal gave Walmart an opportunity to overtake Amazon in eCommerce.

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