Roku partners with Shopify to bring TV ads to merchants

Anne Freer | September 27, 2021

Mobile Advertising

Roku has partnered with Shopify to integrate a tool that will allow merchants to build, purchase and measure TV streaming ad campaigns.

It’s the first integration of this kind – Roku is the first TV streaming app to be available via the Shopify App Store.

The tools are aimed at retailers and brands who wish to bolster their reach and engage new audiences through TV ads.

Roku ads can lift brand consideration by 63%.

“Roku made it easy for us to launch and scale an effective TV streaming campaign,” said Andrew Goble, Co-Founder of Jambys. “We wanted to invest in ad-supported streaming that could efficiently increase awareness, but also drive real action. With Roku, we were able to reach the right people with the right message at the right time. We measured a 63% increase in consideration among those who saw our ads. And our campaigns on Roku ended up raising the efficiency of other channels, too.”

The Roku app for Shopify has been created with speed and ease of use in mind. Advertisers select their audiences, budgets, timings and duration and then upload their creative.

“At Shopify, we’re focused on helping our merchants reach more consumers, boost their sales, and build thriving businesses,” said Amir Kabbara, Director of Product, Shopify. “By launching the new Roku app in the Shopify App Store, merchants can bring their products directly to TV screens, while allowing consumers to discover exciting new brands right from their living room.”

Brands have been turning to video ads to engage streamers.  A recent poll found that 49% of consumers had seen an ad on their TV streaming device which motivated them to pause and shop for the product online.

In addition TV streaming ad spend on the OneView Ad Platform almost tripled in Q2 2021.

“The shift to TV streaming has accelerated, and growth advertisers need a solution that can solve their top-of-funnel branding needs as well as a simple solution that complements their lower funnel search and social efforts,” said Jared Lefkowitz, Senior Director of Ad Revenue Strategy, Roku. “This is a powerful and simple advertising opportunity for SMBs to reach customers at scale, just as Fortune 500 brands have done for decades. We’re excited to launch an easy-to-use solution for Shopify merchants that drives brand awareness on the biggest screen in the home.”

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