RevMob announces collaboration with Beintoo to help offer highly targeted mobile advertising campaigns

Mobile ad platform RevMob recently announced a deal with Beintoo, a mobile technology company offering online-to-offline engagement campaigns for brands and retailers, to leverage its BeAudience ecosystem. The platform enables online-to-offline engagement campaigns for brands and retailers through the collection of location data from users’ devices via beacons.
RevMob CEO Pedro Jahara told at GDC 2015:

“Every store has a beacon in a shopping mall. If a user opts in to a product, if they download an app or game with the right SDK, the mobile phone will communicate with beacons spread throughout the mall. We can use that information of what shop they visit to create a map of what they’re interested in and use that information to do better targeting and sell premium CPMs to these brands.”

BeAudience delivers a precise picture of users’ anonymised location history and user privacy is a key part of the technology.

“Beacons are a better way to do targeting. It’s opt-in and opt-out and everything is anonymously done.” “We’re also bringing a more relevant ad experience to opted-in mobile users by presenting offers based on their real-world shopping interests.”

John Patrick Smith, Senior Vice President of Business Development, North America, at Beintoo adds:

“BeAudience captures richer location data more frequently than any other solution to build the most accurate audience segments on the market today. With BeAudience, RevMob’s advertisers have a virtual gold mine of data at their fingertips while RevMob’s publishers gain access to an incremental revenue stream from the programmatic sale of these audience segments.”

Headquartered in Sao Palo, Brazil, RevMob has more than 10,000 publisher partnerships, as well as an advanced campaign-targeting algorithm that suggests apps on a per-user basis, the ability to charge per download, and a 99.9% fill-rate in every country. You can find out more about RevMob here.

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