Retailers are upping their mobile budgets to drive return-to-school ads

Anne Freer | August 30, 2022

Mobile Advertising

Advertisers have significantly increased their spending on mobile ads to promote back to school offers, finds research from Sensor Tower. 

According to data collected between July and August, US store Target had around 177 creatives with the keywords “school” and “back to school”.

Walmart had 105 creatives, followed by Amazon at 65 creatives.

Amazon has spent some $174 million on digital ads over the last month, and heavily promoted school supplies during that time. 

The company has been using video, display, social ads and out-of-home formats to promote back to school. 

Facebook (37%) and Instagram (31%) were the retailer’s top platforms. 

Walmart spent comparatively less on digital ads at $40.5 million, but like Amazon it’s ads revolved around saving money.

Facebook (40%) was the retailer’s top platform to advertise followed by Instagram (21%). Some 24% of its ad budget was devoted to desktop video. 

While Amazon and Walmart focused on social ads, Target spent $24.4 million on out-of-home (24% of its budget) with 10 of its top creatives being video ads. 

As many US consumers are returning from their holidays, retailers are likely to continue their push to promote back to school products.

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