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Posted: March 2, 2020

Promoting apps and games published on Huawei AppGallery means opening your business to profitable opportunities. AppGallery is the answer of Huawei to Google Play Store: it’s a safe Android app store available in 170 countries with an audience of over 400 million users monthly.

Launched internationally during 2018, it quickly became the 3rd largest app store in the mobile universe, right after Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Ignoring it in your monetization strategy means missing out a growing revenue stream, in particular if you plan to expand your business to APAC where it counts the most of users.

That’s the reason why MyAppFree updated its platform and added the possibility to promote apps and games published on Huawei AppGallery. From today, MyAppFree allows developers to reach Huawei users easily with performance-based campaigns (CPC, CPI and CPA), tracking the installs and the events with the Open Advertiser Identifier (OAID), the unique app user identifier available on Huawei devices.

“MyAppFree is putting effort on technology and business development more than ever. In our vision, AppGallery represents the next big challenge every developer should consider”, said Riccardo Fuzzi MyAppFree CEO. “Huawei holds only the 15% of the revenues of the apps published on AppGallery: this means that developers will have the chance to invest more in advertising campaigns”, added Alessandro Del Grano, the CCO.

The advertising features that MyAppFree offers through its platform to apps and games on Huawei AppGallery are many. From the proprietary algorithms for campaign optimization, to the in-depth analytics and the innovative ad-formats, including the ones introduced by the company last fall (click here for additional info). If you want to learn more about the new solutions provided, visit or write to

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