Programmatic ad spend in the US to increase to 85%

US digital display ad spend traded programmatically is predicted to increase 84.5% in 2020 despite economic woes.

That’s according to the latest forecast by research firm eMarketer, updating its figures from October 2019.

A bounce back is expected for 2021 to 86.5%, reaching 88.2% or $94.9 billion in 2022.

Although programmatic display spending in the US continues to rise in 2020, this is at a lower rate compared to previous year due to a decline in budgets following the coronavirus pandemic.

Much of programmatic ad spending is bolstered by mobile budgets which are increasing by $3.93 billion and video spending ($2.83 billion). Programmatic transactions will account for $4.07 billion in incremental spending.

Meanwhile, non-video programmatic display ads are predicted to rise $900 million in 2020.

However, video display ads are increasing much more rapidly – 11.6% to $27.4%.

What’s notable in eMarketer’s figures is that despite slower growth, the overall prediction for 2019 is higher – from $57.3 billion to $59.6 billion. That’s because of a larger base of advertiser.

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