Post-pandemic social media usage unsustainable

Anne Freer | July 6, 2020

App Business

While social media platforms enjoyed a phenomenal uptick in users with 51% of US adults using social services throughout the coronavirus pandemic, eMarketer research cautions that this increase may not be sustainable.

As people were locked down, social usage was high among people trying to stay in touch with loved ones across the country.

Elevated use of social media was still noticeable in May, according to the research firm.

However, eMarketer’s latest predictions suggest that social media use will plateau toward the end of 2020 and go back down by 2021.

This trend is supported by research from GlobalWebIndex in April 2020 which suggests that just 9% of US internet users will continue to spend as much time on social networks beyond lockdowns.

Just 5% plan to use messaging services after lockdowns.

The figures are similar globally where 17% of respondents plan to continue using social media at similar rates.

Most social media apps like Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat are aware of this downward trend, having voiced concerns that usage levels are unlikely to remain sustainable post-pandemic.

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