Positive social media engagement leads to higher brand recall

Anne Freer | October 4, 2022

App Business

Social media has made it easier than ever before to share private moments with family and friends. When users are gaining satisfaction out of sharing content on apps this in turn boosts engagement. Previously, research from Snapchat based on the answers of 19,000 users across 16 markets found that the overwhelming majority (93%) of them enjoy sharing and celebrating moments on the app. This level of engagement presents a huge opportunity for marketers and advertisers. But what exactly should brands look out for when utilising Snapchat and similar social apps?

Personal connections boost engagement

To find out how marketers can provide a less interruptive experience for Snapchat users, the app partnered with Neuro-Insights to measure how users respond to ads on Snapchat versus other platforms. 126 participants were connected to electrodes to measure brain activity to understand engagement, detail memory and emotional intensity of ads, among others. The results show that 75% of users are using the app to engage with friends and family which leads to 14% higher happiness than on other platforms.

However, on Snapchat engagement remains high for broader connections

Traditionally personal interactions in a social app lead to higher engagement scores. But what Neuro-Insight found was that on Snapchat engagement levels remained high for broader circle connections, compared to other apps. This could pave the way for brands to reach users more effectively in-app. Overall app usage scores were also higher compared to other apps.

Engagement scores remain high for broader circle on Snapchat

Source: Snapchat

Overall engagement scores are up to 62% higher than other apps

Source: Snapchat

Snapchat ads are relevant

Neuro-Insights then showed the same ad to users on different apps. It found that engagement was 1.6x higher than on other apps. Snapchatters are also 45% more likely to recommend a brand to friend after seeing an ad and 34% more likely to purchase the advertised product.

For brands to leverage these insights, they should focus on making use of creative tools such as Commercials, Story Ads, Filters and AR Shopping Lenses. However, data privacy remains a major concern among social media users with 52% saying that a platform’s privacy and data protection strategy makes a huge impact on users engaging with ads and sponsored content.

Key takeaways

  • 75% of Snapchatters engage with friends and family in the app boosting engagement

  • Engagement rates were just as high for close and broad circles on Snapchat

  • Snapchatters are also 45% more likely to recommend brand to friends after seeing an ad

  • They are 34% more likely to purchase an advertised product

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