Pokemon Go reached $1 billion in revenues in 2020

Anne Freer | November 26, 2020

App Business

Popular mobile app game Pokemon Go generated $1 billion revenues in between January and October 2020.

Compared to 2019, gamers spent 30% more in-app, according to research from Safe Betting Sites.

Pokemon Go Fest turned out to be a hit for the company, generating $17.5 million in just two days.

Having launched in 2016, the gaming app was the fastest game to reach 10 million downloads and it took just seven days to achieve that.

It even scored a place in the Guinness Book of Records for generating $207 million in a single month, representing the highest revenue for a mobile game during its launch month.

In its launch year generated $832 million. Revenues then dropped 29% to $589 million in 2017, before recovering upward (+41%) to $828 million in 2018 and $902 million in 2019 (+9%).

The data also shows that the US is the most lucrative market for Pokemon Go in terms of user spending, followed by Japan and Germany.

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