Podcast ad lift rates are 30x higher than other mobile and digital ad formats

Anne Freer | September 15, 2020

Mobile Advertising

Podcast adverts increase brand awareness between 24% to 79%, according to an analysis of 834 million podcast impressions by data-driven marketing firm Claritas.

The final report unveils that lift rates were 30x higher than those of other media such as digital display, print or linear TV which average 2.6%.

Podcasts have doubled over the last few years, from 500,000 to one million.

According to the Interactive Advertising Bureau and eMarketer, project marketers are spending $1 billion on podcast advertising in 2021.

But tracking the effectiveness of such ads has been difficult.

The industries with the highest campaign lift included retail (79%), followed by B2B (77%), consumer goods (63%), pharmaceuticals (37%), automotive (30%), telecoms (26%) and insurance (24%).

Podcast advertising revenues in the US have been predicted to rise 15% to $1 billion this year, despite coronavirus economic woes.

The prediction by IAB and PwC represents a 30% increase form 2019. Similarly, the study found that consumer brands dominated spending.

Among the reasons why podcasts campaigns are performing so well is that listeners can rarely escape the ad as they need to listen to it in order to continue with a podcast. 

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