Playbook raises $3 million to expand its creator-based fitness app

Anne Freer | January 12, 2021

App Business

Playbook, the fitness app that wants to become a platform for creators to share their own content, just raised $3 million in seed funding.

Angel investors included Alex Chung who founded Giphy, Melody McCloskey who developed StyleSeat and a few others.

The digital fitness space has seen a phenomenal surge in the wake of the virus pandemic as more people have begun to workout from home.

The app lets users subscribe for $15/month or $99/year.

But compared to other fitness apps, it doesn’t so much cater to the end user as it’s trying to attract creators to develop their own fitness videos that they can then share with the community. It’s like a TikTok for fitness instructors in that sense.

Instructors can share a link to the app to attract users to the platform. It takes a 20% cut of creator fees.

The app currently has over 150 trainers signed up and a few thousand are currently on its waiting list. But the app is picky in that it requires creators to bring their own community of followers along.

And it doesn’t just focus on fitness. Instead, Playbook also offers content on technique and various types of sport.

And it’s already attracted some highly rated instructors who usually train actors and musicians.

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