Pinterest updates sharing of Idea Pins to other social networks

Anne Freer | March 21, 2022

App Business

Pinterest has just made it easier to share Idea Pins – Story-type Pins it released last year. 

Idea Pins work in a similar way to Stories already, but now users can share them on Instagram and Facebook Stories. 

Idea Pins are 60-second video clips of up to 20 frames that can be modified using stickers, music, and voiceovers.

Creators of such pins can also add contextual information and tag other creators in their Idea Pins. 

Pinterest describes them as an evolution of its Story Pins including video-first features, editing tools, and updates. 

They can be accessed via the profile where other users’ Idea Pins will now also be highlighted. They do not disappear after 24 hours in contrast to other Story formats.

To share Pins to Facebook or Instagram, Twitter or Snapchat, users simply select the share icon which prompts a download and then takes the user through to the social media app.

They can then edit the watermarked Idea Pin and post it. 

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