Pinterest bolsters efforts to boost underrepresented creators

Anne Freer | October 23, 2020

App Business

Pinterest is trying to help underrepresented influencers and brands by launching a tool that allows them to identify as such.

The effort was presented in a new brand campaign and lets creators, brands and marketers self-identify as underrepresented. Their content will then appear within Story Pins and curated spaces, 50% of which has been reserved for such groups.

Pinterest said the same would apply to the Today Tab, Shopping Spotlights and The Pinterest Shop.

At the same time, the company launched the ‘Make the World See Beauty’ campaign which focuses on beauty and representation.

The campaign features 10 creators who push the boundaries in terms of representation.

The accompanying social film includes content from beauty influencers.

Anyone on Pinterest can join in the conversation when the campaign launches on creator social networks and YouTube.

It will also feature exclusive content from select creators.

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