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Posted: October 4, 2023

AI is changing the face of Mobile Growth at an astounding pace, which is why we’re proud to announce the launch of AI Labs. It’s the digital playground where our Designers, Data Leads, and Marketing Experts can experiment with even more compelling strategies, amidst a renewed wave of innovation in Mobile Growth.

What’s our motivation? We want to see how AI can help businesses grow. And to do this as both a part and an extension of AI Labs, we’ve created a dedicated task force. This task force tests new AI Proof-of-Concepts, and scales, iterates, or kills these projects based on the direct revenue impact we can gain for our clients.

Below is exactly what we’re up to, and how Phiture plans to use AI to help you – our clients – succeed.

Why AI?

Phiture’s AI Labs is about more than just experimenting with new technology. It represents a seismic shift that will place AI at the core of our service proposition, and in effect, see us become an AI-first agency by 2026 – but always with a human touch.

To ensure we maintain this human-centric approach, AI Labs’ testing environment was founded with these twin purposes in mind:

  • To conceptualize and develop new AI-powered solutions that will drive direct revenue growth for our clients. Mobile marketers will also benefit from these propositions, in the form of increased growth.
  • To integrate AI into our existing service offerings. By automating repetitive tasks, our experts can spend more time on high-value strategic work.

Initiative, intuition, and ingenuity from AI Labs

Our AI Labs initiative is a blend of advanced technology and human ingenuity, where the AI Labs Task Force is working together to take machine learning and automation to the next level for our clients. The doors of the lab will be open for a further six months, and several enriching programs will run during this time.

Our AI Champions program, for instance, brings together team members from across various departments who act as liaisons between AI Labs and their respective teams, ensuring AI-driven thinking is integrated throughout the company.

Additionally, our AI Lunch Break Sessions offer a weekly platform for education and open dialogue on the latest trends and applications in the sector. Already, we’re witnessing a wellspring of new ideas coming out of these sessions.

Through hackathons, bootcamps, and AI learning days, we are and we will continuously foster a culture of innovation and creativity.

Strategic initiatives

The above-outlined programs all rest on a ‘build-measure-learn’ approach focused on rapid prototyping. Already we’re working on several strategic initiatives for AI and mobile growth, and we can offer a glimpse into the lab here. Read about them in detail on our dedicated website.

In the meantime, the scope of the topics currently at play within Phiture’s AI Labs is far-ranging:

  • Automated User Acquisition Creatives at Scale: AI-generated campaign creatives to promise faster launches and lower customer acquisition costs.
  • Personalized CRM Messaging: Tailored CRM with AI, to make user experiences more engaging and contribute to retention.
  • Experiment Insights at Scale: Analyze experiments using AI, and adapt your growth strategy based on proven results to drive impact faster.
  • AI-driven Keyword Optimization: Revolutionize keyword optimization with AI, to expand impact and global reach with increased efficiency.
  • Automated ASO Audits: Speed up optimization with AI-generated audits, providing faster insights to clients.
  • Optimized Campaign Management: Continuous adjustment of bids underpinned by AI-optimized Cost-per-Acquisition goals.
  • Internal AI Guidelines: Foster responsible and ethical AI innovation with rigorous internal guidelines.

The results so far: ChatGPT Plugin and more

Already we’re seeing impactful and measurable results from this dynamic, creative environment.

  • Optimized ASA bidding: To find the optimal ASA bidding system, we’ve deployed a self-learning Machine Learning model in the Apple Search Ads campaigns of one of our clients.
  • Creative campaign tracking: We’ve launched a dashboard for our creative team, so they can track what experiments the market is running, and which were most successful for ASO.
  • Keyword research & labelling: We’ve handed over all of our keyword research and labelling to AI, leading to new, more relevant keywords being found and used. We’re aiming to automate the entire process with our AI-first Keyword Optimization initiative.

We’ve also recently launched our ASO Plugin for Chat GPT. This plugin emerged from a Phiture AI Labs Hackathon that explored all things developmental and forward-thinking. The plugin facilitates access to essential ASO information such as keyword search popularity for iOS, estimated impressions, and many more variables that we’re tracking directly from stores.

Rather than a game-changer, we view this plugin as a platform that can generate leads for advanced explorations. And as a free tool in its infancy, we welcome feedback and insights that may refine and expand this experimental offering. The overall goal? To meet with Phiture’s mission, aligning the plugin more closely with the needs of a global network of ASO professionals and enthusiasts.

How will Phiture’s ChatGPT plugin elevate your ASO? To kick things off, in the following ways:

  • Real-time Keyword Popularity: Quickly fetch and analyze keyword search popularity.
  • Estimated Impressions Insight: Gain insights into your app’s potential maximum reach.
  • Streamlined User Experience: Access insights directly through ChatGPT, simplifying your workflow.

How to use this ChatGPT plugin for your domain?

It’s a straightforward task to install the plugin – simply type “ASO” in the ChatGPT Plus plugin store to find and install it. As to the plugin’s true value, this lies in the real-world insights it provides.

It’s important to note that Language Learning Models (LLMs) are not designed for data analysis as they may produce inaccurate results when attempting to analyze large data sets. To mitigate this, our plugin limits the amount of data to one day per week for API requests that exceed a 90-day range.

For deeper data analysis, you can use tools like the ChatGPT Code Interpreter or other data analysis plugins, such as Wolfram.

Let’s run through some of the practical use cases for our ChatGPT plugin.

Use Case 1: Making sense of changing brand popularity

Objective: Determine if a brand’s popularity in the app store is evolving.

Prompt: “Fetch the daily impressions for the past 12 months for ‘clubhouse’ in the US from the Phiture ASO plugin and provide an analysis detailing the trends.”

Expected Outcome: Understanding the brand’s positioning in the App Store over time by spotting peaks, dips, and potential growth strategies.

Use Case 2: Prime positioning that leads to impressions

Objective: Understand the interplay between ‘hiking’ and ‘walking’ apps.

Prompt: “Fetch the data for the past 12 months for ‘hiking’ and ‘walking’ in the US from the Phiture ASO plugin. Compare past 12 months impression trend for ‘hiking’ and ‘walking’, and annotate their popularity movement.”

Expected Outcome: Get a comparative analysis that helps tailor your app positioning. If ‘hiking’ apps are on the rise, consider repositioning aspects of your app to appeal more to hikers.

Use Case 3: Understanding the changing of the seasons and keyword popularity

Objective: Fine-tuning your marketing strategy around key periods by exploring seasonality, and its subsequent effects on trending and popular keywords.

Prompt: “Analyze notable monthly searches for the keyword ‘fitness apps’ in the US over the past 24 months. Provide insights into any noticeable seasonal trends.”

Expected Outcome: The plugin will generate a month-on-month breakdown of noted keywords. By examining this data, you may spot trends related to seasonality. For example, you may witness increased popularity in January due to New Year’s resolutions.

Use Case 4: The influence of competitor keyword strategies

Objective: Understand a competitor’s keyword performance to help influence your own ASO strategy.

ChatGPT Prompt: “Compare the keyword popularity for ‘social networking’ and ‘friend finder’ related to the ‘Facebook’ app over the past 12 months. Provide insights into the performance and trend of these keywords.”

Expected Outcome: The plugin will generate a comparative analysis of the keywords’ popularity. From this, you can infer which keywords are contributing more to your competitor’s visibility and potentially incorporate similar keywords into your own strategy.

How to follow our progress

There’ll be more results to share soon, as more real-world applications of AI emerge from the creativity of the lab. If you’d like to stay in the loop about how the results of the AI Labs can drive growth impact for your business, I’d highly recommend following Moritz Daan and Merlin Penny on LinkedIn.

Merlin has already contributed a blog article on LinkedIn regarding AI Labs, and he’ll continue to share more updates in the coming months. You can also subscribe to our Growth Newsletters here, a fortnightly summary of updates to inspire growth which will report on the progress of our AI Labs.

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