People are using mobile devices and apps to shop more conveniently

Anne Freer | November 19, 2021

App Business

Nearly all consumers (97%) are now using their mobile devices more often to shop online compared to a year ago.

That’s according to new research from Rightpoint based on a survey of over 830 US adults.

Convenience was the main reason for our increased reliance on mobile devices with 76% finding shopping apps more convenient than websites.

Around 44% of consumers browse brand or retail websites or retail apps (38%) using their mobile devices.

Some 82% of consumers now use their mobile devices to browse, research or look for product info each week or more frequently. And almost half (46%) completes transactions on mobile devices.

Half of consumers also do general product research using their smartphones each week

The study also found that a majority of consumers (66% of Gen Z, 71% of Millennials, and 79% of Gen x) have installed popular marketplace apps such as Amazon or Chewy.

But there’s also a growing appetite for consumers to establish more direct relationshops with brands. Some 44% of Gen Z us apps for specific brands compared to 34% of millennials and 33% of Gen X.

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