Oviva health app raises $80 million to expand into Europe

Anne Freer | September 2, 2021

App Deals

The developer of health app Oviva just raised $80 million in a Series C funding round to expand its product offering.

The app is supported by the UK’s National Health Service and helps users make positive changes that impact their health, such as forming new habits.

Users can access expert advice for nutrition or lifestyle changes via the app or using their phones.
Oviva already offers specialist programs for those at risk of type 2 diabetes and diabetics, those in need of weight management strategies, undernutrition and protein allergies.

After downloading the app and entering a few details, the app lets users track their weight and activity, blood glucose and blood pressure and mood. It tracks daily goals by sending reminders and keeping users motivated.

In addition, the app features new content every week including podcasts, videos and recipes.

Oviva plans to expand across Europe as Western nations have seen rates in obesity surge and with that conditions such as diabetes 2.

Prevention is one strategy that’s long been promoted by healthcare providers, but Oviva focuses on providing health to manage conditions or their aftermath.

Its model is based on selling its program to health insurance providers who then pass it on to their patients. It’s already got over 5,000 existing partnerships with doctors and health insurers.

And the company says it has treated more than 200,000 people with uptake rates of 70% and completion rates of 80%.

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