Over 90% of app gamers engage with in-app audio ads

Anne Freer | December 14, 2023

Mobile Advertising

When it comes to in-app audio advertising, research conducted by Odeeo, an Israel-based in-game audio ad platform, found that more than 90% of audio ads manage to capture gamers’ attention without being skipped. This percentage jumps even higher, exceeding 95%, when it comes to shorter ads. Let’s take a look.

First ads have the highest click-through rates

Based on an analysis of 75 million ad impressions and a collaboration with 400 game partners, these findings shed light on optimal audio ad lengths, volumes, and other critical factors.

Unlike some other forms of advertising that can disrupt the user experience, in-app audio ads can be seamlessly integrated into the app’s content. This allows advertisers to reach their target audience without causing irritation or disruption.

Odeeo’s approach to audio ads is designed to maintain uninterrupted gameplay, presenting players with non-intrusive ads in the form of clickable icons that do not take over the screen.

The research highlights a fascinating trend: the first ad encountered by players boasts the highest click-through rate, with a mere 6% skip rate. This emphasises the significance of a brand’s ad being the first to appear, although it’s not the sole determinant of success.

Time to realising it’s an ad

Source: Odeeo

Turning up the volume

The research also indicates that a majority of mobile gamers prefer to have their volume settings above the standard 10% mark during gameplay. Surprisingly, click-through rates on ads actually increased as players’ volume settings went higher, peaking at 60% before stabilising.

In addition to volume considerations, shorter ads demonstrated greater success, experiencing fewer skips and higher engagement. This trend suggests that shorter ad formats are often more effective in most advertising scenarios.

Odeeo CEO Amit Monheit commented on these findings, saying: “Over the past few years, we’ve had the privilege to run thousands of campaigns for major advertisers all around the world. As our offering has started to mature, we’re now able to quantify the impact of different drivers of ad performance at scale, and it’s exciting to share these insights with our partners.”

Odeeo has established its presence across the Middle East, Europe, and the Americas, gaining a reputation for in-game advertising that seamlessly integrates with gameplay.

Key takeaways

  • Over 90% of audio ads in apps capture gamers’ attention, rising to over 95% for shorter ads.
  • The first ad encountered by players achieves the highest click-through rate, emphasizing its importance.
  • Gamers prefer higher volume settings, with click-through rates peaking at 60%, especially with shorter ads.

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