Outbrain launches new app ad product

Discovery and native ad platform Outbrain announced the launch of a new ad product to help app marketers manage the web more cost-effectively.

Outbrain’s App Install Smartad offers an alternative to wall gardens and during testing was found to boost conversions at a lower cost.

The conversion rates were up to 90% higher than standard native ads at a lower cost-per-acquisition.

“For the first time, we’re giving app advertisers a way to profitably grow their businesses outside of social networks. This new format is part of Outbrain’s initiative to offer new and innovative ad experiences across our premium publisher network, driven by the evolving needs of our advertisers through 2020 and beyond,” said Eytan Galai, Outbrain’s Chíef Revenue Officer.

What’s special abut Smartad is that it combines targeting options with Outbrain’s ad formats to reach higher value users.

Apps can be promoted to more than one billion people ad marketers can optimise for cost-per-install and other performance indicators.

Smartad comes with elements including logo, CTA button and interactive GIFs.

“We have always been committed to a free and open web and will continue our efforts to support publishers and advertisers who turn toward that channel to maintain a healthy and prolific revenue stream outside of the technology giants of Google and Facebook,” says Galai.

The release bolsters Outbrain’s product portfolio and demonstrates its commitments to innovation of ad products, targeting and optimisation tools.

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