Opt-in for app tracking on iOS 14 much higher than previously thought

Anne Freer | April 13, 2021

App Business

Apple’s AppTrackingTransparency released as part of iOS 14 means that users need to actively opt-in for an app to use their Apple IDFA for ad targeting and attribution.

App marketers and advertisers worried that the new opt-in would hamper with measurement and optimisation of app campaigns on iOS devices.

But as the industry adopted to the changes and has become more privacy-aware, opt-in rates for tracking were predicted to remain rather low at between 2-20%.

According to AppsFlyer research based on an analysis of 300 apps the numbers are much higher than previously assumed.

Overall, 41% of users have opted in to tracking and the average per app is 28%.

That’s great news for app marketers and end-users looking to get more personalised experiences.

There’s a big difference between gaming and non-gaming apps with opt-in rates much higher for the latter (41% compared to 30% for gaming).

The higher the brand affinity, so it seems, the more likely to opt-in.

Many non-gaming apps have a higher brand affinity.

And although these estimates are based on modest data, AppsFlyer also noted that larger apps had higher opt-in rates, with the top 10% by device count having a 50% higher rate than the bottom 10%.

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