Opportunities in mobile for affiliates

James Cooper | September 1, 2011


There’s a great post over at affiliates4u from on of the founders of the mobile affiliate network and agency Linking Mobile talking about opportunities for affiliates in mobile. Here’s a quick taster below – you can read the rest over at at Affiliates4u

Since launching your mobile affiliate network in the UK around 3 months ago, what would you say have been the biggest advances in terms of adoption to mobile among affiliates, and also adoption in terms of wider publisher mobile development?

“The mobile landscape is changing on an almost weekly basis. It’s hard even for us to keep up. The need for clients to have a mobile optimised site is now generally accepted by marketers (which is a change from very recently) and we’re therefore seeing a big increase in the amount of blue-chip brands entering the space.
“We’re definitely past the early adopter stage and so now the question from clients is “How can I drive sales via my mobile site?” rather than “Why do I need a mobile site in the first place?” New clients can still be wary of the channel and so we’re seeing a lot of first time advertisers to mobile using us and then expanding out with wider CPC and CPM campaigns. The rise of smartphones (particularly Android) is driving consumer take-up of the mobile web and as such many publishers large and small are also trying to monetise this explosion in traffic. We’re lucky in that we solve a problem for both parties.”

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