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Posted: September 29, 2022

If you punched a clock from nine to five, you would most likely get a paper check or direct deposit of some sort. However, as an affiliate, you don’t work regular hours with a typical boss. So, where does that leave you in terms of getting paid?

You know how this works: affiliate marketing involves a person promoting another’s product or service. Chances are good that this person has a vast audience interested in exactly what is for sale, boosting profits for the company. In turn, they get a nice commission for generating leads.

In 2022, the affiliate marketing industry is projected to hit $8.2 billion, according to Statista. That is almost double the record set in 2017 (at just $5.4 billion).

But nobody likes waiting around for payday, no matter what industry they work in. How do you receive your affiliate commission? If you aren’t in control of your payment, you might be with the wrong affiliate network.

You didn’t become an affiliate to collect pennies and count change. You know people who know people, and they will make purchases companies desire for the best bottom line. However, you want your fair cut, too. After all, you are the one generating leads to turn into sales. Some companies don’t want to offer fair commissions for affiliates or beat around the bush when it comes to payments. Get what you deserve with Olavivo.

Olavivo has numerous processing payment possibilities

Are you ready for exciting news? Our payment processing capabilities are soaring to new heights, just like our meta-loving niches, such as crypto, NFTs, and sweepstakes.

As an affiliate, you care about how you get paid. There is no need to wait on a paper check in the mail these days or really wait at all, for that matter. With Olavivo, you can reap the benefits of multiple payment processing options, such as:

  • International Wire
  • Local Wire
  • PayPal
  • Payoneer
  • Crypto

That way, you can have access to your funds your way. Olavivo works with you to determine the best avenues for your success. In fact, when it comes to payment processing, Olavivo has global coverage. No matter where you work or live in the world, you can receive your money on time, every time. Olavivo has over 10k+ active publishers in 125 countries, so it only makes sense (and dollars) to use this top affiliate network.

Not only can you choose the payment platform that works best for you, but Olavivo has multiple payment schedules based on your needs, including:

  • Weekly
  • Bi-weekly
  • Monthly

Keep in mind that Olavivo has a $250 minimum payment and offers a payment timeframe for Net7 only. You’ll always receive timely payments from earning top commissions when you work with Olavivo. Remember, there are 10k+ active publishers in over 125 countries, and you’ll be able to cash out in no time.

Work with the best account managers in the business

As valued media partners, all affiliates work with 24/7 dedicated account managers. Our professional managers are available around the clock to support partners and affiliates with invoicing and processing payments, so you never have to wait or worry about a thing. With a fully supportive team on your side, you can rest assured knowing everything works just as it should, including processing payments.

Since Olavivo works on a global scale, you can expect multilingual support in the language you prefer. They can help explain trending and top-converting international offers and the hottest payout rates so you can select what suits you best. With live and real-time reports, your helpful account manager will be able to explain issues and improvements for the best returns.

Our network is always secure!

Olavivo has a strict compliance and onboarding process for every affiliate and advertiser to ensure maximum security and benefits for everyone.

Each person who works with Olavivo is handpicked for greatness. Everyone has to provide proof of identity, address, and other factors. That way, you feel safe on the network and can easily connect with professionals. Expect only high-quality leads and traffic sources from certified media partners and advertisers.

Olavivo takes pride in being fully transparent and flexible so you can get the most out of this affiliate network. From creative tools and resources to top-convertive offers and campaigns, you’ll discover exclusive options you won’t find anywhere else.

Get ready for trending and top-converting global offers backed with on-time payments using various payment methods, including crypto.

Enjoy a lucrative referral program

You already know how easy it is to make streaming income as an affiliate. Instead of putting all of your time and effort into promoting other people’s products and services, you can quickly persuade others to join the world of affiliate marketing. Of course, you shouldn’t do it for free, and you can get paid when you refer your friends, family, or anyone else to Olavivo.

Not only can you invite newbies who can benefit from the simple streaming income, but you can help out seasoned pros. How? Because Olavivo is an industry-leading affiliate marketing network and probably ten times better than what they are dealing with now. When you refer other affiliates to the amazing Olavivo network, you will get a referral commission in return.

This awesome referral program makes it fast and easy for you to make even more of your affiliate marketing business. Get ready for peace of mind and good vibes only!

Want to get in on the affiliate marketing fun?

If you’re ready to go head over heels into the affiliate realm, you need to join a network that has a proven track record of success. Olavivo isn’t your everyday media agency. You’ll connect with the right people to achieve greatness.

With over a decade of experience, knowledgeable and reliable account managers and partners with Olavivo will be at your side as a reliable guide. They will respond to your needs immediately, with groundbreaking advertising and extraordinary services that make everyone prosper.

When you think of Olavivo, think of a dedicated team ready to help you succeed with a global, secure network and the best payment processing capabilities in the business. Read more about the benefits of joining Olavivo and contact them today to learn more information about converting traffic every single day.

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