Offerwall and rewarded videos generate 114% more revenue than rewarded videos alone

Anne Freer | March 10, 2020

Mobile Advertising

Almost half of all mobile offer wall users (45%) would stop playing a mobile game once they ran out of virtual currency.

That’s according to new research by Tapjoy, the mobile game monetisation company.

“The Ultimate Offerwall Guide” released today finds that 30% of users would continue to play without making in-app purchases.

The findings are hardly surprising given that rewarded in-app ads have proven time and again to be among the most attractive for users.

The offerwall model has evolved quite a lot and users can nowadays choose from subscriptions, app engagement objectives, rewarded purchases or other features.

A whopping 88% of users said they valued rewarded ads, whilst only 13.4% of users completed in-app purchases.

Third-party technologies and the evolution of offerwalls has added to the rise in consumers preferring the model.

For Android publishers, cost per engagement offer – whereby a user is rewarded for downloading an app and completing a specific activity – accounted for around 85% of their revenue.

Meanwhile, on iOS publishers have hit a hurdle due to new restrictions which prevent cost per engagement offers. This has resulted in a 36% increase in ad spending on CPA offers.

Tapjoy found that offerwall alongside rewarded videos generated 114% more revenue than rewarded videos alone.

Retention levels among Tapjoy offer wall users were 2-3x higher than non-users at the 7, 14 and 30-day marks, which shows that the app’s more loyal users enjoy rewarded offers.

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