Ofer Eitan, CEO of Moblin Talks Pre-Installed App Distribution, Mobile Ads and More

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Partner Post - Moblin High volume, high quality global app distribution platform

Posted: April 23, 2015

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Ofer Eitan, the CEO of Moblin is a born entrepreneur who founded the company in 2007. Ofer administers the strategy and corporate direction of the company. His primary focus is on the leadership and innovation of his team and the continued success and satisfaction of the company’s customers. Prior to founding Moblin Ofer held a senior leadership position at Microsoft, providing him with his sales and business development wisdom in various market sectors. Ofer is considered by many as the pioneer of the mobile user acquisition and app distribution network space.
What is Moblin and how are you positioned in the market?
Moblin has been planning, executing, tracking and optimizing mobile campaigns for nearly a decade. Using cutting edge technologies to create an optimum funnel for user acquisition, moblin can ensure the right marketing and advertising assortment for every vertical and targeted goal.
What gave you the idea for the pre-installed app distribution service?
We knew that there was ‘piece of the puzzle’ missing. We created a shortcut in the funnel, instead of the usual CPM-CPC-CPI the Pre Install places the app directly on the device so that there is no struggle for the advertisers/ App developers on getting their app installed on the device.
What types of clients do you work with?
Pretty much clients from all verticals such as: Commerce, Utility, Social, Games, Lifestyle, Finance, News and more
What geographies are you focused on and where are you seeing the most growth?
We are global but focused on Europe, SE Asia and North America. We can see the most growth in Europe and SE Asia
What are your main tips for successful app marketing?
Think big. Do your market research, run A/B testing to find the right markets for your product and when locating them, concentrate your efforts there while going immediately on a multi-channel large scale activity
What do you think the big themes for mobile advertising are going to be in 2015?
Increasing install volumes, Improving targeting capabilities/user profiling and engagement
What mobile devices do you use?
IPhone 6
What are your favourite apps or games?
Crunchbase, Evernote, Waze and WhatsApp
Are you going to buy an Apple Watch?
Yes 🙂
Thanks To Ofir for giving us an insight into the thinking at Moblin – you can find out more about their pre-installed app distribution service here or head over to the Moblin site to get started

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