Non-organic installs for Hyper Casual mobile games jumped 250%

Anne Freer | November 11, 2020

App Business

Mobile gaming installs jumped 45% during the coronavirus pandemic, which is a growth of 40% over 2019.

But hyper casual games stood out, seeing an increase of a whopping 250% for non-organic installs. That’s according to the latest report from AppsFlyer released today.

The State of Gaming App Marketing – 2020 Edition takes a closer look at the gaming industry and analysed 9.2 billion app installs for an in-depth analysis of global market trends.

“It’s not a surprise that we saw a massive increase in new players trying games for the first time; in particular, Hyper Casual installs surged 90% globally, including a staggering 250% in the number of marketing-driven non-organic installs,” said Adam Smart, Director of Product for Gaming, AppsFlyer.

“What’s significant is that gaming apps realised the opportunity to accelerate their user acquisition efforts and took full advantage of this trend while in the moment. The brands that made the reactive, nimble moves to meet heightened demand dominated the stay at home peaks in gaming app engagement.”

The report found that in-app purchase revenues increased 25% during COVID-19 lockdowns. This was predominantly driven by the casual games sector which jumped 55%.

In-app purchase revenues rose 67% between February and August which in-app ads declined 16% during the same time frame.

In-app purchasing climbed 22% on iOS because people spent more time using gaming apps during lockdowns. It was 20% higher on Android.

Meanwhile, mobile games install rates were also significantly higher with hyper and casual games showing double the growth rate.

“While there was robust growth in gaming app installs over the first few quarters of the year, it’s clear that there are still areas for major growth,” said Brian Murphy, Head of Gaming, AppsFlyer.

“Install growth and the return of big brands beyond gaming created a surge in media costs, demonstrating the need for marketers to implement less-expensive strategies. The most overlooked tactic in mobile gaming apps is remarketing, as re-engaging users has been a key driver of revenue in 2020.”

The report also noted that user acquisition was among the most significant factors for growth during the COVID lockdown months.

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