Nexage opens-up its premium ad service to all devs

Mobile ad exchange platform Nexage has opened-up its premium/private monetisation service to all mobile app developers, giving them access to higher quality ads.
The announcement is a significant one for Nexage, which previously restricted the exchange to a select number of big name publishers such Rovio and Univision. The idea was that premium publishers could set specific rules around ads they display, so their beautiful apps wouldn’t be blemished by ugly banners. Advertisers would then get access to premium inventory.
Now every developer can take advantage of this more exclusive approach and ensure they only display top quality ads. The move also dovetails nicely with the current trend away from banner ads and toward more polished, integrated, and ‘native’ formats.
However,  it’s also unclear whether all developers are being let in to the private exchange, or whether there’s some kind of two tier system in place, allowing Nexage to keep the original exchange exclusive, while offering its feature set to everyone else.
Nexage CEO Ernie Cormier said:

“The reality is that today’s app developers are building sophisticated businesses that resemble those traditionally thought of as ‘premium’. It is not simply about making money at any cost. Developers must also ensure that poor ad quality doesn’t degrade app-store rankings, drive users away or drive them to an inactive state. We strongly believe that today’s developers deserve more than basic monetization solutions. They need a premium solution to compete and win in the market.”

Nexage’s new and not-so-exclusive premium ad service is available now. Take a look at the Nexage website for more information.

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