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So more news from the team at Kissmyads – lots of new offers in Portugal, new service delivery standards and the founder Florian is going to be in New York and London in the next few weeks if you want to meet him.  Here’s the news below – direct from the horses mouth:
Thanks to a major cooperation we just closed with a company from the mobile
content industry, we’re happy to feature a total of 67 new offers targeting
consumers in Portugal. If you have mobile web traffic from Portuguese users,
this may be very interesting for you. The advertiser promotes a range of
mobile services. To subscribe to these, users need to confirm their order by
entering the so-called web PIN in a confirmation field online. The incentive
is high to do so, the services run premium content, such as stuff for
adults, football, prize draws and music. There are well-known names
involved, such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Real Madrid and the Black Eyed Peas.
CPAs are attractive, ranging from 3.5 to 4.5 Euro.
Over the recent weeks, we’ve worked hard to provide even better service and
solutions to you. We want to make sure we meet all your needs individually.
We’re happy to guide you through our system. If you wish, you can get a
tutorial regarding all of KissMyAds’ features from our support – just
contact Markus (
Our CEO and founder Florian Lehwald will be networking with affiliates and
spreading the word about KissMyAds in the next weeks. He’ll be in London on
Thursday, 28 July, starting from 5pm at the Affiliate Summer Networking
Drinks, The Hat and Feathers,2 Clerkenwell Road, London. In August, Florian will be at Affiliate Summit
East 2011. The summit runs from August 21st through August 23rd and takes
place at the Hilton New York. If you’d like to meet Florian at either event,
it’d be great if you contact us ahead of the events.
We’ll keep you posted on more offers and updates at KissMyAds,
Florian Lehwald, CEO and founder, KissMyAds
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