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James Cooper | January 24, 2013


Applift is one of a new breed of mobile performance marketing platforms bringing CPA-based ads to new sectors of the mobile and digital markets.  They’ve just launched a new blog and are providing some great content for mobile marketers and app developers.  There’s a summary of some of this month’s articles below and we’ll be catching up with them on a monthly basis.  You can contact them directly to ask any questions.  You can keep up with updates from the Applift blog using the channels below:

Mobile App User Lifecyle: Why the Big Picture Matters

In this post Applift give an overview of the key elements in the mobile app/ game user lifecycle including the key KPIs such as Lifetime Value (LTV),  Average Revenue Per Daily Active User (ARPDAU), (Cost Per Acquisition or CPA) and return on investment (ROI).  Understand the key stages in the flow and optimize each one with help from Applift.

  • User Acquisition – traffic sources and appstore marketing
  • Retention – Day 1, Day 7 and Day 30 retention metrics
  • Engagement – sessions Per Daily Active User (DAU) and average session time
  • Virality – getting positive appstore reviews, social media sharing, K-factor (referrals * conversion rate)
  • Monetization – banners, interstitials, in app purchase (content locks, virtual goods)
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Locked In: Why Appstore Marketing has just got tougher

App Developers and mobile marketers need to really keep up to date with the latest twists and turns in the iOS platform and its appstore implmentation.  Applift have analysed the impact of the latest iOS updates in terms of the vital screenshot component on appstore listings.   From 10 Jan all screenshots in appstore listings are locked once approved and a full update (and review) is required before the screenshot can be changed again.  Applift break down the implications for developers including:

  • the need for screenshots to be perfect first time and in line with your marketing plans
  • limited opportunities to A/B test screenshots once live
  • the importance of the screenshot in iOS 6 as a visual call to action for Appstore Optmization (ASO)

Moving to a Freemium App Business Model

Applift have also provided a guide for anyone looking to move to a freemium model for their mobile game or app.  Looking at the top 40 appstore charts its pretty clear that very few paid games make it there.  Without an existing brand it’s really hard to get users to pay upfront.  Applift provide a list of steps to make the move from pay to freemium including using price drops and other strategies on the way towards a freemium biz  model.
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Overall top 40 in the US AppStore on 1.8.2013 (click to enlarge):

Head on over to the Applift blog for more updates or email them with any questions.

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