New app tracking rules in iOS14 are coming – but not just yet

Anne Freer | September 8, 2020

App Business

Apple backtracked on plans to impose new tracking rules on app developers – for now.

Following criticism, the company won’t be asking app developers to get permission from users to track them in iOS 14 right now.

But the changes are being introduced and will be rolled out in early 2021.

With iOS 14, iPadOS 14, and tvOS 14, app developers will need to ask user permission to track them on apps and websites.

App Privacy must be clearly set out on an app’s dedicated Privacy page where users can check all the information.

This should include information on the data types an app collects and what the information is being used for, for example tracking.

Apps using third-party ad and analytics SDK must also describe what data is being collected through those.

Apple’s definition of ‘tracking’ includes any activity that tracks user or device data.

This will be relevant for targeted display ads based user data, device location sharing with data brokers, and using SDKs by third parties.

By holding off on the changes, Apple is giving developers and marketers more time to prepare.

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