New analytics capabilities with adjust SDK 4.0

Peter Keung | March 23, 2015

Mobile Advertising

Changing the way mobile marketers integrate analytics providers, adjust, a leader in app analytics and attribution, today announced the fourth generation of SDK. SDK 4.0 promises enhanced tools for analytics and user acquisition, enabling users to transmit data to adjust partners Google Adwords, Facebook and Twitter, offering expanded performance of the core analytics framework.
Allowing its customers to access network partners at any time dramatically reduces lead-times to acquire new clients. The release of SDK 4.0 is a major milestone for adjust and integrates over 500 other major networks worldwide.

Christian Henschel, CEO and Co-Founderadjust, says:

“Every time we ship a new version of our SDK, we’re looking to enable marketers with technology that’s more powerful and easier to access. Many of our partners have very sophisticated systems for campaign analysis, and with the additions of these key integrations in our fourth generation SDK, we’re improving the analytics capabilities of adjust dramatically for our customers.”

You can find out more about adjust here.

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