Nearly a third of Gen Z expected to shop on social media next year

Anne Freer | December 21, 2021

App Business

Some 27% of teens and young adults are expected to shop through their social feeds in 2022, with a growing number of them expressing an interest in Instagram shopping experiences, according to the latest Trend Report published by the popular imaging app.

However, sustainability and ethical fashion are of growing concern with 23% expected to check second-hand websites and 24% selling more of their own clothes online and via social channels.

One in three are also interested in learning more about buying ‘clean’ aka vegan and ethical makeup and skincare in 2022.

Around 24% of Instagram users said they would be excited about visual musical experiences in 2022 while 1 in 4 teens and adults will livestream concerts.

70% of teens discover music through social media and 41% of teens and young adults are fandom members.

Interestingly the survey found that influencers have now risen to the level of fame of celebrities with 83% believing creators had similar impact.

A quarter of Gen Z believe micro-influencers are important trendsetters and 4 out of 5 say that social media celebrities have more influence on culture than traditional celebrities.

Mental health is another important topic among Gen Z audiences with 1 in 3 continuing to take part in relevant challenges.

At-home workouts also tend to be more popular among Instagrammers (48%) than non-Instagrammers (34%).

Covid lockdowns have undoubtedly fuelled games and 40% expect to see more video game trends in 2022 while 3 in 10 expect to livestream games next year.

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