NativeX says it’s “redefining native” with its new mobile video ads

Christopher Reynolds | September 18, 2014


NativeX has announced a new mobile video ad format designed for game publishers called Lightning Play, which it says is redefining mobile native ads.
NativeX, an ad network that focuses purely on games and native formats, says its new video ads are based on its own proprietary tech, which enables instant playback of HD videos. There’s also an incentivised element, allowing publishers to reward viewers for their attention, or for installs (though this is optional).
Obviously there’s already plenty of networks out there offering video ads – some of which are dedicated to the format such as AdColony – so we asked NativeX what’s going to make their product stand-out?
Senior marketing manager Jasmine Mayo told us it’s all about providing a range of solutions to suit a variety of events within an game– video is just one part of the puzzle.

“We believe that our video product is just as strong as the companies who only specialise in video,” says Mayo. “But we also offer a full suite of non-video ad formats to provide a complete monetization solution. There are many event placements within an app where video is not going to be the best format for getting results. Game developers need an arsenal of native ad formats to extract the most value from every player (spenders, clickers, and free loaders), and every placement.”

NativeX demonstrates its Lightning Play ads

Mayo also tells us Lightning Play will be more integrated into the app experience compared to other video ads. This will be partly achieved by using an ad frame that incorporates characters, textures and phrases from the app itself and partly by judging the right breaks in gameplay to deliver the video.

“So if the player has just launched the game or is just starting a new level, an auto-play video for a movie trailer would be seen as an unwanted interruption at that point,” says Mayo. “But if he has just consecutively failed to complete a level for the third time in a row, a rewarded video ad could give him the virtual currency he needs or at least give a welcome short break which could also prevent him from just leaving the game.”

NativeX says its new ads are “redefining native” and summarises its approach as “visually native, emotionally native, as well as personally native.” That sure is a lot of natives! For more information on the new Lightning Play video ads head over to the NativeX website.

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