Native video ads improve engagement on Instagram and TikTok

Anne Freer | July 26, 2022

App Business

In the war between short-form video giants like Instagram versus TikTok, advertisers may be wondering which performs better for video ads.

Creatopy sought to find out and ran a comparison study back in October 2021 to find that 15-second Instagram Reel Ads outperformed TikTok ads.

Now, it’s run a follow-up study to examine if ad format may have skewed the result in Instagram’s favour. 

The latest study shows that native video ads improve advertising performance on TikTok compared to Instagram Reels.

During the first experiment, Reels brought in double the reach and triple the impressions compared to TikTok. 

In the latest study, TikTok performed better for reach and impressions bringing in around 45k more impressions than Reels. 

The cost per 1,000 reached was more than double on TikTok than on Reels back in October, but when using native ads this seems to level out and costs were found to be similar. 

For TikTok, Creatopy found that there were 61 clicks versus 28 clicks in 2021, while on Reels there were 91 clicks compared to 36 last year.

The findings highlight that native ad engagement may be preferable than for product videos. 

Interestingly, Creatopy found that video ads on TikTok also boosted organic views on its other videos. 

However, marketers are advised to tailor content according to the platform they plan on using. 

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