MyAppFree 2.0 Introduces High Performance Mobile Ads

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Posted: December 13, 2019

“MyAppFree App” updates to version 2.0, introducing additional mobile advertising services. The complete refresh of the app brings to the industry new and innovative technologies developed by MyAppFree company, the award-winning mobile advertising agency for user acquisition.

“MyAppFree App” was the first direct traffic source of MyAppFree. Since 2011, it recommends apps and games to millions of Android and iOS users basing the suggestions on their preferences, through a proprietary app recommendation algorithm.

MyAppFree goal has always been to reach premium users all over the world, building a high-quality audience. This approach is the core of the entire “MyAppFree Universal Network”, awarded as one of the best ad-networks of 2019 (click here for more info).

The innovative advertising technologies and solutions introduced over the years by MyAppFree are now available in “MyAppFree App” through 3 main sections:

  • “App of The Day”: a placement to spotlight and push a single app every day to the whole MyAppFree audience
  • “Trending & New Apps”: a list of recommended apps, picked by the proprietary algorithm, based on users’ behavior and preferences
  • “Selected by us”: a selection of hand-crafted reviews/articles to make the users discover apps in a native and non-intrusive way

“Selected by us” features the Appvertorial format, MyAppFree’s proprietary advertorial native ad for apps and games, recently integrated into Sony branded apps. It’s a high-performing solution that converts only users that are truly interested in the promoted apps.

They are not display ads or traditional native ads, but genuine articles available in user’s language, written by a dedicated team of content creators. The user does not perceive the advertisement as an ad itself, but as a useful and interesting content.

“It’s the greatest update ever developed for our discovery app, a smart direct traffic source that has always been a fundamental asset of our network. The new features are increasing its performance in terms of conversions and quality even more”, said Massimo Caroli, MyAppFree COO. “In a digital world in which advertising blindness is affecting more and more users, Appvertorial is the key to find a safe place on the smartphone of the people”, said Alessandro Del Grano, CCO of the company.

The plans of the company for 2020 are to increase the investments in Research and Development of innovative features, giving the users a less ad-intrusive and a more immersive digital environment, while providing developers and brands high-performing advertising services.

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