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Posted: January 13, 2016

When our affiliates talk, we’re wise enough to listen and that’s why we have great news! At Mobidea, we spend a lot of time devoted to our affiliates, getting ideas from their feedback and developing new features that are going to make their life easier.
Wanna find out what we’ve been cooking? Here it is!
Global & Multiple Postbacks!
We’re always concerned about what Media Buyers want and we work to create solutions that make their experience easier. That’s why we came up with a Global Postback and with Multiple Postbacks!
Instead of having to set the same Postback for every Offer and Smart Link, you can create a Global Postback that applies to all. This will be your Default Postback and it means you don’t have to spend useless time setting up the same Postback URL over and over.
Besides that, now Media Buyers can work with as many tracking platforms as they wish without any problems, fully able to send their Postback to more than one server at once, through MOBIDEA’s Multiple Postbacks’ Tool.
Javascript Redirection
Apart from the WordPress Plugin that Webmasters already know, they can redirect their visits to MOBIDEA using a Javascript code. Just pick the option you want and start earning!
​​​Javascript code really makes Webmaster’s lives easier. For instance, it will come in handy if they use Blogger.​​
This new alternative is the proof that we’re always evolving and creating new possibilities for our Affiliates to reach the best results.
Voluum Integration
MOBIDEA also developed a feature that is going to make Media Buyer’s lives easier!
If you use Voluum, you don’t have to spend time setting up parameters for your Postback URL. At MOBIDEA, we’ve been working on a pre-integration with Voluum tracking, so you only have to copy your Voluum subdomain and that’s it. You don’t have to waste time configuring it. Everyone knows that time is money but nobody knows it as well as our affiliates!
To configure it, click on the ADVANCED button next to the Smart Link or Offer, then click on Postback and finally click on the Voluum logo. Now just enter your Voluum subdomain and the link with the data3 already configured.
Now you only have to copy the link into your campaign in Voluum and you’re good to go.
With MOBIDEA, track your conversions, optimize your campaigns and improve your profits!

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