Mobvista Launches New Website For The Russian Speaking Mobile Advertising Market

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Posted: January 7, 2016

Launched in March 2013, Mobvista runs a global mobile digital marketing platform covering over 240 countries with over 10 billion daily impressions, and an overseas mobile game publishing platform.
Mobvista has released a Russian version of its official website in addition to English and Chinese Mandarin, providing access to existing and newly updated content now in three languages.
Russian is one of the six official languages of the United Nations, an official language in 3 states (Russian Federation, Belarus, and Kazakhstan) and widely spoken in Eurasia and CIS countries. With over 150 million native speakers and 100 million bilinguals whose second or third language is Russian, more than 260 million people can take advantage of the updated website. Following the growth in business within European and South-East Asian markets, Mobvista expects to enhance its collaboration with partners from Russia and Russian-speaking regions.
Earlier, Mobvista, the largest global mobile marketing company in China, launched its website in Chinese Mandarin, delivering its news to about one billion Chinese residents.
Mobvista also has official accounts on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, WeChat, Vkontakte. Altogether, with recent updates, Mobvista is able to reach more than one fifth of the world population.
You can visit the Russian Mobvista website here.

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