Mobile World Congress Takeaways from AppLift

Our friends over at AppLift have a new post up all with some reflections on Mobile World Congress from the perspective of a mobile ad startup.  AppLift is a performanced based mobile ad network specialising in games.  They were exhibiting at the congress in Hall 7 along with a major contingent of Berlin-based mobile startups.  AppLift are really one of the players revolutionising mobile performance marketing right now with high quality, transparent offers and robust technology so it’s well worth getting their perspective.

 According to AppLift there are three trends they saw at Mobile World Congress:
1) The Shadow of the Giants – Apple and Google weren’t exhibiting
2) The Rise of the App Economy – loads of buzz around the App Planet stand
3) Firefox OS – an interesting new platform for HTML5 mobile games?
Would certainly agree with the first two and the jury is out on Firefox – don’t be surprised though if new mobile platforms do get a hold in the games segment – look at Unity3D for example.
Anyway you can read the full post over at the AppLift blog>>

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