Mobile video ads 5x more engaging than standard mobile banners

Peter Keung | April 10, 2015

Mobile Advertising

Millenial Media, the independent mobile marketplace, recently reported an increase in the adoption of mobile video. On average, engagement with mobile video ads was 5x higher than that with standard banners. Some of the highest spikes can be found in Technology and Business Services with a 822% higher involvement in video than banners, followed by Retail (628%), Telecoms (617%) and Finance (602%).
Video advertising engagement by industry.
Only 10% of automotive ads used video, compared to 27% in entertainment. Among their biggest objectives in 2014, advertisers sought to create awareness (37%) of their brands and see some engagement (22%). Higher site traffic goals fell slightly from 30% to 24%. Retail is catching up, aiming to drive store traffic, from 10% in 2013 to 16% in 2014, including promotions and other product actions increasingly into their campaigns.
Marketers objectives for mobile advertising
Users aged 25-44 years are largely responsible for the growth in mobile video, with 18-24 year-olds being the most engaged with a 57% viewing rate of mobile video.
Age distribution of mobile video ads
The report concludes that advertisers further engaged in targeting strategies, with 53% of all retail campaigns including a location action.
However, weather is another factor that can drive ad engagement as Millenial Media recently discovered in a separate study. The marketplace measured traffic spikes on mobile apps through its own platform during big the winter storms on the East Coast and found that the colder month of February generated 46% more traffic than the slightly warmer January. The company reminds that snow and rain are great opportunities for marketers to target their audiences.

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