Mobile users spending 49% more time in retail apps

Anne Freer | September 1, 2021

App Business

Mobile users spent 49% more time in retail and shopping apps since January 2020 with hours reaching 18 million a week by April 2021.

That’s according to new research from advertising expert Liftoff which highlights that mobile shopping has persisted despite reopening after lockdowns.

Purchase rates rose around 30% from January to May 2021 and purchase sizes spiked with baskets reaching a high of $88 in June 2021, compared to $74 in January, which is a 15.8% increase. 

Android users were highly engaged with shopping apps and had spent around 2 billion hours a week in these apps by May 2021, representing a 51% increase from the previous year.

Cost per install on Android averaged $2.13 which was 55% cheaper than the $3.85 on iOS, while install-to-action rates were higher at 16.5% (Android) compared to iOS at 11.3%.

Overall, digital-first shopping apps drove better engagement with the average US user spending more than 3 monies in online apps, which is 1.6x longer than in brick-and-click apps.

Apps that feature more interactive tools are also used more with in-app features such as Stories and Wishlists improving engagement.

Banners (76%) made up the majority of creative impressions, while expensive ad formats were used far less.

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