Mobile users pay more attention to ads in mobile games than other placements

A majority of mobile game players (69%) would rather give up social networking and TV than mobile gaming, according to the Modern Mobile Gamer Personas 2019 report, published by Tapjoy today.

Mobile games have created an opportunity for marketers and app advertisers to reach audiences in-app and consumers appear to prefer being reached that way.

According to the report, 41% of respondents pay more attention to ads in mobile games than traditional ad placements online (17%), in magazines (15 percent), on billboards (15 percent) or other mediums.

Whilst most forms of digital advertising tend to be viewed as intrusive, the same is not true for in-app ads, with 72% of respondents admitting that they enjoyed interaction with app ads in exchange for currency or premium content.

“Mobile games might just be the most ubiquitous form of entertainment in the world today,” said Emily McInerney, Vice President of Marketing at Tapjoy. “People from every demographic and every region are playing games on their smartphones and tablets, and they’re playing them a lot. The good news for brands is that mobile games make consumers very focused, relaxed and engaged, putting them in a frame of mind that makes them more receptive to advertising messages than any other medium.”

A majority of those playing mobile games (60%) also now identify as ‘gamers’ – an increase of 27% over 2016.

The report also highlights some key demographics among mobile gamers: 63% of mobile gamers are women, and 28% are men. Another 54% of gamers are parents. Whilst 74% open mobile game apps at least three times a day, another 43% opened mobile game apps 5-10 times per day.

The majority of gamers (54%) play for at least one hour a day with puzzle, strategy and role playing games being the most popular categories.

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